“Incredible Systems” Set To Make Debut In Linburg Fleet Maintenance Department

New System

With a fleet of coaches and buses operating across Britain and Europe from various depots, Linburg’s unfailing drive for excellence in its vehicle maintenance and engineering functions has led it to invest in the “Truckfile” Fleet Management IT System, a web-based system that keeps drivers, Operations and Engineering Departments updated in real-time about vehicle maintenance status. Maintenance Systems, planning and records are visible on-line to all key personnel, with drivers and technicians able to update vehicle status from any location, no matter how remote and no matter what hour of the day or night, so long as there is wifi available.

“I have worked with various Systems but this one is incredible” was the judgement of Linburg Fleet Engineer, Mark Paulson. “The time invested in set-up and the cost of hardware is significant, but I have no doubt that our drivers and most of all, our passengers are very definitely worth it. There is no better way of planning and controlling the Vehicle Maintenance” Mark added.