The Sn-ap intercity travel revolution welcomes Linburg on-board

Sn-ap Intercity Travel

Sn-ap works by allowing clients to choose their desired destination and a convenient pick up point and when they want to travel. Then Sn-ap’s revolutionary system puts all the people wanting to make similar trips together and matches them up with with the best local coach operators. They keep prices low by only running coaches when there’s enough demand.

A corner-stone of the Sn-ap intercity travel revolution is only to work in partnership with the best coach operators, with the highest quality fleets and friendliest, most professional drivers.

Linburg are delighted to have been invited on-board the Sn-ap revolution, operating on-demand trips that passengers want from the Nottingham and Derby areas, often to central London. “We’re looking forward to developing and expanding our collaboration with Sn-ap in years to come. A really friendly Organisation who value their clients and partner coach operators very highly” commented Linburg Director, John Hadaway.

To join Linburg on the high-quality, Sn-ap intercity travel revolution, request a trip here…