Traffic Commissioners Grant Linburg Increased Authorisation

Senoir Traffic Commissioner

As part of Linburg’s drive to meet demand from new and existing customers for it’s professional coach hire services, during 2015 it asked the Industry Regulator, the Traffic Commissioner, to give consideration to increasing the total number of vehicles that it was permitted to operate by around 20%.

The Traffic Commissioners staff requested and looked in great detail at information relating to all aspects of Linburg’s operation including vehicle & driver scheduling, vehicle engineering and the Company’s financial strength, before granting the application in full. Linburg General Manager, Sarah Hollis commented “It’s very pleasing indeed to see that the Traffic Commissioner and their staff look in such depth at such applications in order to ensure they only grant those where the Operators meet their very high standards. We’re very grateful to them for the time that they have spent on this. We’re looking forward to using the additional capacity to meet increased demand for our services in 2016 and beyond”.